After just three ARV Contests in about one month, over $10,000 USD was paid out to remote viewers from around the world. Not even ONE single complaint by a participant was ever made. We have been entirely transparent and replied to all inquiries immediately.

The only other RV contest/tournament online has an average prize of $10 and is known to not reply to any 3rd party inquiries and use user data to make private financial trades with no transparency.

The ARV Contest was solely created to recruit talented remote viewers and not used for any financial forecasting or divination efforts whatsoever.

The contest had 7+ judges and a few keyboard warriors deciding to “dox” three of these individuals. They went on to create false narratives based around civil court actions prior to even asking these individuals any questions directly about the matter.

We will not discuss private civil court matters entirely irrelevant to the contest and find it extremely saddening that these very few individuals find this to be a good use of their time.

At this time, we have made the decision to terminate the contest due to the hostile actions of a few clearly disturbed individuals. Unlike them, we will not mention these people by name as they do not deserve the attention they are clearly desperate for.

Instead, we want to thank the ARVers that did participate in the contest as we received hundreds of entries and several dozen notes of encouragement and praise while running the contests.

Remote Viewing is not taken seriously by the vast majority of people in the world but has the ability to change the world. That however will never happen when few individuals use anonymous internet harassment to dox private individuals with irrelevant claims while these individuals try to run a legitimate FREE contest.

We truly wish everyone in the RV community the very best and appreciate all of the dozens of positive messages received today. Thank you.